Interactivity in the E-Marketing world

Efficient interactivity is probably the single most important investment that a company can make. There are endless ways of interacting with buyers online. Many companies are getting wiser and more efficient by investing their marketing dollars on the internet versus on television and radio advertisements. Companies are looking to a variety of social networking sites in hopes to gain more customers and therefore increase their market share.

Social Networking Sites

Companies are using social networks to interact with their existing buyers and to generate new buyers more and more everyday. Many companies keep their existing customers aware of current promotions via Facebook. With the increase traffic that Facebook continues to receive, companies are benefiting by staying current on their products and promotions through the social media websites. An interesting statistic provided by is that “the median ratio of Facebook views to share is 9-1, meaning that for every Facebook share, 9 people visited the story”. They also state that Facebook is the leading source of referred social media traffic at approximately 26% and twitter is the second at approximately 3.6%.  So basically, although one person may share to a few of their Facebook friends it will continue to be shared by their friends and so on.

Twitter has become another efficient way to interact with potential buyers and current buyers as their are over 100 million active twitter users. According to AJ Kumar, founder of  Digital Grain a digital marketing agency he states that “it is important to use your audience language when engaging via social media otherwise they will perceive you as being phony.”

Twitter has become increasingly popular and it is expected to continue rising in popularity. Currently about 50% of users share links and re-tweet to others.

Live Chat

Companies are also investing a lot of their marketing on live chat systems where they provide live chat on their websites for improved customer service and to track the buying process from beginning to end. Through the live chat they can also monitor which products are being viewed the most and which products are not. Live chat offers a sense of comfort to customers and it has proven to be a good interactivity tactic.

Bottom line is that the sky is the limit when it comes to interacting with current customers and recruiting new customers. There are various social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and the list goes on. Companies are taking full advantage of these tools and are succeeding at increasing business. Of course, there is always the downside of social media users that are unhappy with their experience and will be glad to share with others however I think the pros exceed the cons when it comes to interactivity in the E-Marketing world!


Nicole Burgos



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2 thoughts on “Interactivity in the E-Marketing world

  1. stephen ortiz says:

    Hello, and I’m glad you brought up the topic of social networks working with companies to advertise. I always find it amazing that depending on who’s Facebook your on the advertisement go according to the type of user. It is obvious that our privacy really isn’t that private anymore, many of these databases for user info I feel aren’t as secure as they say. Me being in the business world it will be to my advantage to utilize these databases to store as client base and keep them updated on future services. I can’t really choose a side but it depends if databases take a positive or negative direction as technology progresses.

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